Friday, October 28, 2011

Code should look Trivial.

Good code is deceptive. It looks like it's not doing much. It looks like it was written as an example for a new guy. It looks like it was written for a child.

It does not read like Ulysses.
Ulysses was a book written by James Joyce.
Ulysses is difficult to read.
Good Code has short sentences.
The sentences in good code are simple.
Each sentence in Good Code says one thing.

It does not have long rambling sentences with several clauses which expound at length in complex form, and in confounding nature. It is neither overly verbose, nor decorative nor does it repeat itself and repeat itself and repeat itself. It tends not to say the same thing in different ways. It display a sense of consistency of expression.

Some would argue that you need a degree in literature, and a local knowledge of Dublin Culture to read Joyce.

Try to ensure that you code can be read without such preconditions.

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